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Monday, 9 October 2017

#REVIEW | Empress MIMI Lingerie Sub Box

As women, we all have certain weaknesses. I know one who can't resist pretty shoes but has nothing suitable to wear with them. Others adore frilly lingerie but never have any money to buy outer clothing. - Edith Head 

As the title says I am going to review a lingerie subscription box. In the past I have reviewed beauty sub boxes but never a lingerie box, yet I think it is such a personal and unique idea. Lingerie is not something people indulge in as much as we would like, well I know I speak for myself there but I'm sure some can agree?

There is something so intimate about getting lingerie in a sub box rather than just going to the shops to buy. Not only is it like a present to yourself, but it has all the fuss and fancy of the tissue wrap, the note and the luxury box.

I was so impressed with this brand and their thought behind the box. I feel the whole concept is empowering to women and promotes body appreciation <3  

 Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes - that inner, secret glamour. - Alice Temperley
      If you subscribe to the service every month, Empress Mimi send you a box of bespoke, luxury underwear straight to your door.

There are 3 types to chose from:

  • The Mermaid Box – Three pairs of underwear each month –  £25
  • The Siren Box – A full set of lingerie each month – £40
  • The Empress Box – A luxury set of lingerie, with accessories each month – £70
There is also the option to send as a gift to someone special, if you are not a fan of commitment. Also as an extra extra kindness I have a discount code below!

15% OFF your first box!!!!
Just use code 

10% of the proceeds from the purchases using my discount code will also go to charity, which help to get more women into coding - www.projectgirlcode.org 

 I have a great appreciation for the set I was sent, it feels like top quality and is super detailed. I can also wear it as outerwear as well as underwear! What a treat :) 

Insta - @EmpressMimiLingerie

*PR Sample - all opinions are my own of course. as always :)*


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

#OOTD | 4 Ways to style a tunic

 Jeans - (here) similar 

Hey guys, today I'm going to bring you a post on how to wear a tunic 4 different ways :) I mean they are pretty simple ways to subtly change the tunic style depending on the event or just the way you feel. So I have named mine : modest, smart/casual, badass and lazy. I wonder if you can guess which is which haha!

I got sent this beautiful tunic from NoLoGo-Chic.co.uk  which is 100% linen and I actually really like it as a garment. I cant say I have ever owned a tunic like this before but  I found it to be a very versatile piece of clothing. I like how you can dress it down or up or even just use it as a cover-up/coat.

As you can see from the photos I paired it with some jeans with a simple flower design and a slogan tee.
What's your favourite way that I styled it?             



Thursday, 14 September 2017

#OOTD | Busy Sleeves + Denim w/ @WEARALL

 Flared Sleeve Bardot Top (Here)

Jeans - Zara
Sunglasses (Here)

A huge hello, feels like its been a long time since I sat down and wrote an update about what I have been up to. Had to stop myself putting  and exclamation mark at the end of that sentence coz I feel like I do it to every sentence aha! Does anyone else do that, and then when you don't put and exclamation mark it feels like your being blunt??!! 

Let me talk about this wonderful outfit before I start babbling on about life. Sooo I got contacted by WEARALL recently, who said they would send some clothes out to me if I would like. I spent a good few hours making my decisions of what to pick and then I had the surprise of not knowing what  I was getting until I came :) always fun! 
I decided to do the posts  separate and this is the first one. The top is the piece from WEARALL.com and it is my fave from the bunch I got sent <3 its got the girly flared sleeves, the comfort and also an elasticated bit at the top so it can also be worn off the shoulder. I paired it with some jeans from ZARA , classic VANS and a small red bag. I'll link them all in this post.

This week has not been to great for weather but I must say I am loving the new autumn arrivals I have seen in shops so far, I think its going to be a cosy autumn ^-^


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

#BEAUTY | How to get a salon blow dry at home w/ PRO BLO

Hey guys,

I thought I would write a segment on here about my experience with PRO BLO.
I'm so sad because I done a whole speaking segment about my thoughts on the Pro Blo Curl Me set on my YouTube channel, yet when I went to edit it on Premiere Pro the audio was missing.....I honestly am so frustrated and if anybody can help or send me a link on how to sort it please do! So I'm going to link my vid here but also write a little bit about how it went.

Hair Backstory - 
Straight, Thick, Long-ish...

I got sent the Curl Me set as PR sample which contains :
X 6 CurlME Barrels. (x 2 Small, x 2 Medium x 2 Large)
X 6 Hair Clips.
X 1 Handle
X 1 Travel Bag

At first I was thinking that the 6 barrels wouldn't be enough but to my surprise they was, and I believe anymore wouldn't of fitted in my hair due to the size of them. Its all about the way you segment your hair and getting the correct amount in each section.

It gave me the volume I wanted and also the ease of use was such a big thing for me, to be able to easily roll my hair and then clip it up saved me a lot of time! I feel like toward the end when I was doing the front of my hair I started getting in to the swing of it :)

If you want to check out the products you can do so here: 

You can watch the full video on my channel 

Please LIKE, SUB and SHARE if you
enjoy the video lovelies


Thursday, 10 August 2017

#FOOD + DRINK | The Piano Works bar/restaurant review (Farringdon)

On Friday I had the pleasure of being invited to enjoy a 3 course meal (feeling like Belle from Beauty and the Beast) and some cheeky cocktails at the Piano Works which is situated in Farringdon, London. I was also allowed to bring a guest with me so of course I bought along my mum :) 

Before I go most places I like to do a little snooping and research to know what I'm letting myself in for aha so I pretty much picked out my cocktails and food out before hand and had the excitement of finding out whether they lived up to the expectations I created in my head!

On arrival I was excited and intrigued to find out that the venue was actually downstairs in a type of basement area, meaning it was very cosy! It was dimly lit with low lighting with purple hues and tables with lamps which gave off all the chilled vibes. With the band area in the middle of the room, a bar at one end and tables dotted around.
Listening to the singers play the piano and sing songs like Drake's Hotline bling with its own twist whilst we was seated was just really cool. Drake fan gurrl right hurrr...

I swiftly ordered my cocktail and it had to be RUM PUNCH, boy was it tasty....it was so refreshing, fruity and beautiful presented. Sipping on my rum punch whilst bopping along to the live music, basking in the hustle and bustle of the place ..thinking about good times and food :) 

I feel like I have to warn you that the images you are about to see will induce food thoughts for the rest of the day and will make you want to eat!

Look at my Bruschetta looking like a piece of art <3 I cant even really pinpoint what ingredients was on this, I'm going to tell you though it was a match made in heaven. There was small hints of spice, citrus but also sweetness. I could eat this for the rest of my days.  

With my main course it was all about the #sweetpotatofries...the waitress actually recommended them as they go really well with the chicken and boy was she right. Full of flavour, they complimented the chicken which was seasoned just right and cooked to perfection. It was during this time I had to pull out those song request napkins and request a bit of MJ "Human Nature" #kinging 

Now, the crucial part. The dessert. The make or break. This is it.
I am definitely a give me all the cake kinda gal, and my did they give me all the cake. I was surprised at the size of cake that appeared before me, the photo does no justice and I'm still waiting for smell-o-vision, taste-o-through-the-interweb to happen. Succulent, sweet and choccy.... ahhh 

The food quality was so much more than I could of ever expected and I was so happily surprised how good it was. The whole ambience of the venue was spot on. #chilled #cool #friendly 
Its a great venue for the food and a sit down meal, but also for a big party of friends to spend the evening as the music is LIVE and fab, perfect for a boogie.

My verdict:

Food 5/5
Ambience 5/5
Service 5/5

Price : £
(well in budget for the quality) 

Location - 113-117 Farringdon Road, Corner of Ray Street, Farringdon, London

Website: http://pianoworks.bar/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepianoworks


Saturday, 5 August 2017

#REVIEW | Nature's Sunshine mini haul

Hey guys!
I got sent these vitamins/tablets & cream from Natures Sunshine a few weeks ago, let me tell you how I got on.
I picked Papaya Mint Chewable tablets, High Potency Garlic tablets and Tei - Fu massage lotion.
My favourite one out of them all was probably the Papaya Mint Chewable tablets! They were super easy to take, just pop them in your mouth and chew. They didn't have a yucky taste either, they smelt very strongly of mint, the chewing gum type of mint :) 
They are good for the digestive system, and can also be used to freshen breath between meals!

The high potency garlic are to help the immune system, as I have read before garlic is good to help keep colds away. As it has a special coating to contain the garlic smell it is a lot easier to take, and to me I love pure garlic anyway but I really couldn't smell a strong odour. I'm not 100% if they have worked, I mean I'm sure I will take them a lot more in the coming months as it will be winter/flu season! I mean I would rather reach for these than I would medication. 

Lastly, I tried the Tei- Fu cream, of which I would probably compare to tiger balm or those medicated creams like I-believe or voltoral. It had a strong smell of Vicks, so as well as helping aches and pains it opens up the nasal areas!! My mum really loved this when she used it, as she is used to the odd aches and pains! Its definitely worth it if you are a bit weary of using medication and want to try this natural product out before you try medicating! Its not greasy and leaves the skin quite smooth :)

all products are from : http://www.naturessunshine.eu/


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

#MAKEUP | Mad Men 60's makeup

I love this look I'm going to be recreating it on my YouTube, yesssss! I have now started youtube :) for makeup tutorials subscribe to my channel <3 these photos are poor quality as they was taken from my iPhone! 


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

#MAKEUP | INSTA baddie makeup look

Insta-baddie?! what even is that haha I thought the name fitted as insta baddie makeup is normally makeup which is kind of OTT and gives off that flawless skin look.
Full chiselled cheek bones, thanks to contouring and dashes of highlight to shine to the gods. Keeping it bronzed and brown colours and a nude lip!

Brows - ABH dipbrow pomade in dark brown
Lashes - Huda Beauty Scarlett lash
Foundation - ABH contour kit medium
Highlight - the balms "mary lou manizer"
Lips - toofaced nude matte lip
Shadows - Morphe small neutral kit + shimmery
shades from the soap and glory palette
Concealer - Maybelline Fit me concealer



Monday, 3 July 2017

#MAKEUP | Blonde hair + frosty blue eyes

Hey guyyys, I have another look to showcase here, a lot of other photos can also be found on my Instagram @ justsarahxoxo_ if you want to check those out ..also feel free to leave comments and I shall check your pages out too!

currently binging on Shaaanxo vlogs and vids and wish I was her, she is sooo beautiful and down to earth and is an absolute boss at youtube vids, I could honestly watch her allll day erryy day.

What do you guys think of the wig??!! I don't think I could ever be a blondie, I'm such a brunette fan <3

The makeup deets are as follows :*

Brows -  NYX micro brow "chocolate"
Contour  - ABH medium cream contour kit
Lips - natural collection lip pencil (don't know the shade!)
Wig - Amazon
Shadow/s - SLEEK storm palette
Highlighter - ABH highlighter from medium contour kit
Bronzer - MAC give me sun
Lashes - Huda beauty "Scarlett"


Saturday, 1 July 2017

#MAKEUP | Wild Thoughts @ BADGALRIRI makeup

Inspired by the new Ri Ri song that makes you want to dance the moment you hear it and just basically put the song on repeat 10x in a row...just me?! But tbh I kinda mixed the two looks that she had in the video as I wanted to add the scarf and glasses for extra effect ;) anyway here is my take on the look

Brows - NYX micro brow pencil "chocolate"
Shadow/s - "sapphire" morphe singles
Lips - Maybelline "orange shot" liquid mattes
Foundation - Nars "Punjab"
Lashes - eylure no, 143
Contour - ABH medium cream and powder kits
Highlight - The balm " mary lou manizer"

Glasses - LAMODA
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