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Thursday, 23 February 2017

#BEAUTY | A real sunkissed look with a fake tan!

faking my tan until summer, because #britishproblems... we all know what the weather here is like right about now. Normally i stick to my usual tan (review here) and find it hard to venture away from that, cos if it works then why change?

But that has all  changed as i dont see the harm in trying out different products, just in case they look and feel better :)

I got this Norvell Tanning bundle to try out , a brand i had never heard of before this but i noticed on their website that they have a range for Strictly Come Dancing. The tans that the dancers have on there are always so flawless.

I got a PRIME , TAN and ENHANCE product.

So before i started my tan i used the exmitt, to exfoliate and get all the dead skin off. Probably my favourite part cos my skin always feels brand new after. The exmitt is simply a mitt with product on that you just massage across your body or the bits where you want to tan. It smelled really really nice! It wasnt as rough as using an acutal exfoliater cream.

Was my tan more even after using the mitt?
Short answer. Yes.
As the mitt removed the dead skin cells it gave me a perfect smooth layer to work with.

How was the tanning itself?

Well, here is where it gets interesting haha. I have previously used a mousse and cream tan but never an aerosole spray. Sooo it was kinda like getting a spray tan but doing it yourself, a little harder than i imagined. Thats why some parts of my arms are a bit darker than the rest haha! But after i did it a few times i got used to it and actually enjoyed doing it.

It was a hella lot quicker than using a foam based tan and a mitt. It also air dried very quickly and didnt leave me feeling sticky at all!!
It smelled gorgeous too, a very tropical scent.

The tan colour is actually a deep bronze and isnt orange at all it looks the most natural tan ever. Like you have really been on holiday. I honestly wasnt sure about it at first but now im a little bit too excited about it!!

How long does it last?
The first tan i did which probably took less than 10 minutes to apply has lasted on its own for at least 5 days but that is 5 days of looking like it had freshly been applied. I am also sure it gets darker as the days go by so you dont really need to top it up...either that or thats what the enhance cream did?! which im pretty sure it did aha
 so i left it for a few days without appling the cream then i applied the cream thats what made it last longer.
You can use the enhance cream after you have used a tanner to extend the tan or on its own to develop a subtle tan. The bottle says it takes 2-3 hours to develop but the full colour comes out in 8 hours. So remember not to over do it lol!

Overall i would rate it

I think i will get the face tan cream as i know from experience using a body tanner on the face does not go down well!

Leave me comments of your fave tanning brands :D

Im going to add some before and after photos on my socials as the lighting hasnt been great for me to capture the true results.


Monday, 13 February 2017

#MAKEUP| Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Cosmetics review

Good things come wrapped in gold packages, am i right? Im finding it so hard on where to start with this beauty.

okay, let me introduce you to the products and then we can go from there. I honestly get so confuddled when im trying to talk about things i love and are excited about haha in reality im squeling like a little girl!
From the Joan Collins (LEGEND) cosmetics range Timeless Beauty, i bring you Frame line liquid liner and the Class act mascara lash treatment gel of which i am going to review.

Lash treatment gels are becoming more of a thing with a lot of lash brands now promoting them and seeing the results. I do use treatment gels..when i remember to put them on. I do always put it on before i apply my mascara though and as i roll the brush on the top of my lashes and then under my lashes it does lengthen my lashes and makes them more curled.
I actually think this gift is a perfect product to give as a gift...well the whole range is because of how luxury it looks and feels <3
I think the range is actually amazing and i would be more inclined to buy from this make up range than i would a celeb of this era, as the era Joan was in just oozed glamour and as an actress in her time she would of experienced that first class and known what shades and products help create that sophisticated glamour look.

I did a little swatch of the brown eyeliner on my hand so you can see the pigment of it :)
Im a true fan of brown eyeliner as it is less harsh than a black liner, especially when its winter and my skin is pale AF ..it also makes blue eyes pop that much more. This eyeliner is a liquid based one, which i find i usually struggle with as they crack...but then the ones i have tried are normally worth £2 haha maybe that expains that. I have been using this one for a few days now, the application is a lot easier than i first imagined. It glides on smooth and it product doesnt drip anywhere.
I wore it for about 9 hours and it really didnt budge the whole day, i didnt have to top it up even when i did accidently rub my eyes as i thought i had no eye makeup on (the absolute worst!)
I look forward to applying it because the packaging is so luxe hehe
You can buy it, HERE 

The lipstick and powder duo also look amazing, thats next
on my list to try from the range!

Does anyone else think it looks like the Chartlotte Tilbury
makeup range?:)


*PR Samples, all my own opinion*

Saturday, 11 February 2017

#MAKEUP | Nars sheer glow foundation review - shade punjab

 Foundation is probably the bane of my life....like trying to find the corect shade is daunting. 
The "will it match my colour?"
"is it really full coverage?"
"will it be cakey?"
no matter how many reviews i read on foundations i still struggle with making that final decision.
But you are here today because i made the decision, YAY me!
NARS foundation is the one i have ALWAYS always always wanted to try out as the reviews always seemed amazing. It has aways been between MAC or NARS but i had used MAC before and i knew how thick it was and i couldnt wear that on my face for long periods.
Soooo, i watched so many reviews of the NARS foundation just to get my right shade cos the photos of swatches seem to differ somewhat in person! Thanks to Shaaanxo i decided on the shade punjab and i made the plunge to buy it.
Long story short, it was a good match and now we live happily ever after.

The packaging is to die for, again you should know by now about my intense love for makeup packaging aha.
 I got my NARS sheer glow foundation from ASOS and it retails at £31, which i think is worth every penny. 
Not only is it good coverage, for the best coverage i would say to do 2 layers, bu the biggest biggest yes for me is that it literally and i mean no joke literally feels like you dont have foundation on your skin. With the MAC studio fix for example it is very thick and you can feel it sitting on your face. This is the total opposite.

Im not sure on the undertones of this but it doesnt have that orange tinge to it which a lot of foundations do. It just looks like a skin colour.
It lasts for a good few solid hours and i couldnt be happier with it.

I did swatch it on my hand which is hard to see (thats a good thing though) as it is a good match for me. I bought mine here from ASOS 

My advice if you are buying a shade online but are unsure is to watch a load of youtube reviews or read blog reviews and then go from there :)

what other foundations would you


Friday, 10 February 2017

#BEAUTY | Be fresh for Valentines day w/ Beverly Hills Formula

Valentines day is in a few days <3 so to help you stay fresh and minty for the special day (or in general) im sharing my go to products for that fresh breath. Although these are PR samples, i do buy these toothpastes once i run out but i am excited as i hadnt used the mouthwash before this.
I think i like them because of the colours haha! They are so different from any other toothpastes on the market...simple things please simple minds huh? :)

Wether you want that extra sparkle and use the perfect white gold toothpaste or your anti valentines and want to use the black shade, they are both perfect for fresh minty breath. The mouthwash is black which is very strange at first but then its kinda like you look forward to using it cos it is so strange :)

What are your tips?

Find the products in store or online at


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

#FASHION | 2017 fashion trends!

Lets talk trends 2017...

Ive decided to put together a few photos of items i have bought recently, not because they are the trend currently but i genuinely love these items :)

Im one of those people who is lucky enough to not have to wear glasses but have always wished to be able too, and also braces :( now looking back on it though i think im blessed to not need them haha. So fake lense glasses are a girls best friend right now, i picked up these oversized "grandad" glasses from ASOS 

VANS have always been a trend, well a low-key trend. Lets face it they are just a comfy, and i think everyone needs them in their collection as well as a pair of converse. I have always wanted these and never replaced my old pair of vans when they broke , such a sad day, but seeing as everyyyyywhere i look i see a pair of these i just HAD to finally buy them. I got my ones in store from SCHUH

If there was a jumper that explained me to the T, this is the one. Along with resting bitch face lol.
Slogans are legit my fave things to have on a tee/jumper because they can bring out your personailty through your clothes. Let the clothes do all the talking! This jumper is soooo comfy too and im already getting seperation anxiety from it. Never going to put it in the wash :)
RIP jumper.
I bought this one in store @ TOPSHOP
The trend that will be the BIGGEST this year and i will murder it to death cos i have already seen so many tops/shirts/dresses/trousers with ruffles on that i NEED.
Honestly i walked in to H&M and spotted about 10 things with the ruffle/frill trend and my bank card just crumbled in to dust.I went for this one to start me off gently but now i still dream about this other shirt i saw and im sweating to buy it :/


Monday, 6 February 2017


guuuuuyyysss, how are you all?! I am still on a HUGE high from attending the Drake BMWT concert last night, which i think im going to talk about forever more...i mean i was actually sharing the same oxygen as him....fangirl moment! haha. The high continued today when i got these lashes in the post.
yes, you heard right, i got them today and the post is also going up today because i want to wear them so bad that i needed to take the prettiest photographs so i can then touch the packaging :D 

i have said before that i love looking at photographs of lashes just as much as i love to wear them!

if you havent heard of LASH UNLIMITED then you should have as i have previously feautured them on my blog and socials! and also because they are one of my fave lash brands ever.. DUUHH!

i love the styles #7 , #11 and #9 from their other lash range and now they have really gone a step further and bought out a range called doublelicious , DBL 3 is def my fave so far. 
What ones do you like the look of?

im going to create a few looks with 
these over on my insta and twitter so
make sure you keep an eye out ;)


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

#REVIEW | VAPE with e-cigarettedirect.co.uk *GIVEAWAY* worth £100

 Here is my Tesla Nano 60w with the innokin iSub V tank. What a beauty beast! I got him a few days ago and am delighted to be reviewing him for ecigarettedirect.co.uk, even though it is a PR sample all views are honest and my own :) I am not the hugest vaper in the world but i do enjoy the occasional vape. I wanted to review this as it is a step up from my previous vape pen of which i was using for vaping before this bad boy. So this is pretty much a first impressions of the whole model for me! I also have some new flavours of liquid which i am excited to share my thoughts on !!
I choose the black for my mod and i think it is quite striking, it feels really solid and fits in my hand perfectly and it just feels comfy. The buttons are also solid and dont feel like they would get stuck or not press properly. The display screen quality is also very clear and easy to read.
 The mod comes in this clear box with the charger, and booklet on how to use. Which i found very helpful as like i said it was my first time using this beast. The instructions are very easy to follow :) I also chose this bundle as it is great for creating clouds! I think it is also great for flavour though as the flavour comes through very crisp and strong, so really it was a double bonus.

The wattage ranges from 7-60w and there is also an ability to control temperature too, if you want to read more in depth about it you can read it here..

  The tank i chose in white as think they go so well together ;) i dont think you can see the liquid in the photos as it is clear. But i havent had any leakage so far from the tank and also its really easy to open, close and to change the coil. The flavour comes through real nice and strong. If you buy the tank it comes with an extra coil.

Lets talk flavours!! 

Halo -
Manic MANGO - uh hello!? mango is just the tastiest flavour ever. Tastes very smooth

Blackjack twist  - this one reminds me of my childhood. It is really true to that blackjack flavour, a bit like aniseed.
I was really impressed with the amount of flavours on ecigarettedirect as a different site i have used before had only a small range and they were all pretty much fruity flavours.

Only £3.99 each!

Vintage cola - this one really smells like cola! I wanted to try something different and this one is a really unique flavour.

I got all my liquids with a 0% nicotine strength but you can get them in varying strengths
Marshmallow breeze - i cant really say this one smells anything like marshmallows but it does have a sweet smell to it and a minty undertone. Not sure if its really my kind of flavour but i just went for it anyway! 
But lets do talk about the packaging...how cool!

Overall i would recommend this mod and tank, i think its a really sleek design and does give off big clouds whilst also letting the flavour come through and do its thing. 

what do you guys think? have you ever used this exact type before?
or recommend something different?

Enter below to win
a bundle for yourself worth  £100!!!
Ends 10th FEB 2017!


Win an e-cigarette kit worth £100 #19
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